Sensor Glasses are a very helpful item in Galacticraft. Once crafted, they are to be placed in the helmet armor location in the inventory. An interface should appear with a large blue circle. Sensor Glasses are meant to locate any type of ore within 5 spaces. This works on the moon and in the overworld. However, Nether ores do not show up on the map.


Regular ModeEdit

If you are within five spaces of an ore, a blue square will appear on the screen. This will be shown in relation to the crosshair in the middle of the screen. Move around until the square is directly over the crosshair, this means that ore is now directly above or beneath you. 
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Advanced ModeEdit

Advanced mode is a useful feature for  the Sensor Goggles. Advanced mode can be turned on and off using the "K" key. Once advanced mode is activated the ores will now move in relation to the x and y axis.,which allows you to more easily find ores.


Sensor Goggles are crafted using 1 meteoric iron, 4 string, 1 diamond and 2 Sensor Lenses.

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