Oxygen Tanks are a necessity when exploring the moon or any other planet with insufficient oxygen levels. There are three different types: Light (Green), Medium (Orange), and Heavy (Red). These store oxygen and allow you to breath while in hostile environments. Oxygen tanks are a component of the EVA Gear . Oxygen Tanks do not work without the assistance of Oxygen Gear and an Oxygen Mask .


Once crafted (see below) the Oxygen Tank must be placed in the appropriate space which is just right of the person in the inventory. Once two of any size Oxygen tanks, an Oxygen Mask, and Oxygen Gear are placed in their appropriate slots the EVA suit is ready for use. An Oxygen Tank can be refilled using an Oxygen Compressor.


  • Light (Green)
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Light Oxygen Tank

All types of Oxygen Tanks are crafted using its appropriate color dye, a Tin Canister , and a specific metal Ingot. A Light Oxygen Tank can hold up to 900 units of air. A Light Tank is crafted using one green wool, one Tin Canister, and one Copper Ingot .
  • Medium (Orange)
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Medium Oxygen Tank

A Medium Oxygen Tank holds up to units 1800 of air. A Medium Tank is crafted using two orange wool, two Tin Canister, and two Tin Ingots.
  • Heavy (Red)
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Heavy Oxygen Tank

A Heavy Oxygen Tank can hold up to 2700 Units of Air and lasts for around 40 minutes. A Heavy Tank is crafted using three red wool, three Tin Canisters, and three Lead Ingots (Or Steel Ingots if you're using Basic Components).
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Light Oxygen Tanks