An Electric Furnace could be considered as an 'upgrade' of a Vanilla furnace, with it smelting ores quicker. However, the Electric Furnace needs an energy supply for it to be operational. It has an ID of 3363:8.

Crafting Edit

To craft an Electric Furnace, these items are needed:

  • A Furnace
  • 4 Compressed Steel
  • 2 Compressed Aluminum
  • Advanced Wafer

It is crafted in a Vanilla Crafting Bench, with the Furnace in the middle slot, the Compressed Aluminum in the bottle left and right, the Advanced Wafer in the bottle-middle slot, and the 4 Compressed Steel filling in the remaining slots.

Usage Edit

The Electric Furnace is powered by either placing a Battery in the Battery slot within the GUI, or by connecting it via either Aluminum or Heavy Aluminum Cables to a power supply such as Solar Panels or a Coal Generator. When given a decent power supply, it will smelt ore into bars in approximately 7 seconds.