Corrupted Page InformationEdit

Corrupted Pages are pages that have been corrupted or ruined by a person or corrupters. They will be deleted if not cleaned in a day. Please help us out by stoping these corrupters. They purposely try to ruin pages.

Corrupted Page MessageEdit

Here is a message on a corrupted page. _______________________________________________________________________________________

(Delete Message)

This is a "corrupted page." If this is not cleaned within a day it will be deleted.

Whoever keeps on doing this WILL get banned if he/she does this again.

(Signature of an admin)

Warning MessageEdit

Here is an example of a warning message to a corrupter. _______________________________________________________________________________________

We are giving you an extra chance to stop corrupting our wiki's pages. If you do this one more time you WILL be banned and not be able to edit on our wiki anymore. We will also add you to our ban list. We suggest you stop corrupting stuff or else...

(Signature of admin)

How To Help Clean Corrupted PagesEdit

You can help by cleaning corrupted pages. This is how you can help.

First delete the corrupted page message and re-write it with some related info of the wiki's topic and change the name of the page to the topic you are writing about. Then remove the "Corrupted Page" category. Finally put "Page: (Name of corrupted page) cleaned" in the wiki's talk along with a link to the cleaned page.

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