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This is the proper setup of an airlock.

The air lock allows you to create a sealable door, meaning the Oxygen Sealer sees it as a valid room to seal. To the right is the proper setup of an airlock. They consist of a frame of airlock blocks with a single controller. If you choose to use redstone to open-close them the signal must go to the controller or a block next to it, not just into the frame. Proximity can be toggle and it is suggested you put the control block at the base of the frame to reduce the chance of the airlock being opened by someone who isn't trying to enter. A good choice would be around 3 blocks, so it opens before you touch it, but isn't open for a needlessly large distance, meaning airlock "rooms" can be smaller.
  • NOTE: Air locks only seal a room if the Airlock is closed, so it is advisable to have a room with two airlocks to prevent your base from de-compressing.
  • It can be programmed to respond to a redstone signal, player proximity and even to only open for certain players

Smallest size of the Airlock is 2x1 like a door and largest 8x8.